Torres Strait

Torres Strait


Living with the friendly Island people is enjoyably challenging.





Torres Strait
The Doorway To Australia

Indonesia to the left, Papua New Guinea to the North and Oceania to the right, The Torres Strait Islands are a group of at least 274 small islands in Torres Strait, separating far northern Australia and Papua New Guinea

The islands are mostly part of Queensland, with native land rights, administered by the Torres Strait Regional Authority. A few islands very close to the coast of mainland PNG, belong to the Western Province of Papua New Guinea most importantly Daru Island as the provincial capital.
Only 17 of the islands are inhabited, with some of the islands threatened by rising sea levels.
Thursday Island is the region’s administrative centre and most populated.

Australia has two Indigenous Peoples, Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, an ethnically Melanesian people who also inhabited the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula, distinct from the Australian Aborigines who are the Indigenous Australians in the rest of the country. The distance across the Strait from Cape York to New Guinea is approx.150 kilometres (93 mi) at the narrowest point; the 274 small islands lie scattered in between, extending some 200–300 km from furthest east to furthest west across an area of 48,000 km2.

Media Report
The Torres Strait region has been used for drug and gun smuggling, pirating and illegal trading in times past and still now to some extent. Crime syndicates are using high-powered boats to exploit Australia’s most porous border in a disturbing new trend of drugs, guns and human trafficking in Torres Strait. West African gangs and criminal bikies have opened an illicit cross-border pipeline to smuggle methamphetamine into far north Queensland out of Papua New Guinea (May 2014 Courier-Mail,QLD)
Mr Morrison, from Australian Customs in the Torres Strait. (2014 Courier- Mail, QLD : “It is our nation’s most porous border and we have identified it as highly vulnerable.”



Stephen Gill was welcomed to Daru by the Church in August 2015.


With all these issues the local people are renowned for their friendliness, generosity, hospitality and Christian Faith.

All Island Churches and PNG celebrate Easter and this year Warraber Island extended an invitation to all the Island ACC churches as well as others welcomed to attend. The rally was extremely well organised with great Warraber Island teaching and ministry and lovingly prepared local seafood including turtle, turtle eggs, mackerel, dugong, coral trout,sea- bird eggs,coconuts, wongi fruit and cakes.



Warraber is a coral sand island of the Central Island System including Coconut , Yorke and Yam Islands,Thursday,Hammond,Horn,Prince of Wales,Badu, Moa and Mabuiag are the Western Group. Duan Boigu and Saibai Islands are of the Northern Group. The Eastern Island System includes Stephen, Darnley and Murray Islands. By the way, these are just the inhabited islands. 17 out of the 100 Torres Strait islands are inhabited by 20 communities. The ‘Saibai’ canoe is a symbolic remembrance of that island.




Talented Easter drama students from Kazi Meta, one of the colleges set up to educate the outer island children students fly in and out each term.





Thursday Island is our base for further island missions and also a gateway into Oceania and South East Asia. Contacts we are building here are important, the regional superintendent for ACC Ps Titom Tamwoy and all the Ps of the local island Churches are loyal and connected. The Church meeting and combined rallies are important to promote relationship and establish direction for ongoing ministry.


Jesus said “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” Matt 4:19

Our Mission
🌏 Christ’s mission is our mission.

🐠 Follow Christ.

🌴Diligently Search for lost people,whatever their social standing,and offer them God’s plan of Salvation.

                             Our Vision
💥 To see and hear the Holy Spirit working to save,heal,restore and comfort everywhere!
😍 All who respond in saving faith in Christ Jesus through our ministry will be Born Again and Spirit Filled.
We would love to hear from you
We welcome your prayers of faith for our mission to spread the Gospel of peace with God in these last days.
We bless you in Jesus’ name as you choose to support this mission work that is mainly in the Torres Strait, PNG, and Oceania.
For in you the Fatherless find mercy.Hosea 14:3 Holy Bible
Stephen Gill April 2017

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