The Great City

The great city is mentioned quite a bit in the book of Revelation.Our focus for the future is the heavenly Jerusalem which comes down out of the heavens,Rev 21:10.

The great city mentioned in other parts of the Revelation is also Jerusalem!It is the Jerusalem that will be destroyed in the final days of the Earth as we know it. Jerusalem even though it has a “cult” like feel to it among Christians and Jews is unclean.Jesus stated that all the blood of the righteous is blameable on her!He damned it to the Titus take-over of 70AD.When we understand the connection in the writings with the “Woman” it is easier to see the semblance as Babylon!

Remembering God’s very own people spent seventy years in Babylon itself,seventy years is a generation there were mature people coming out of Babylon to form the structure of a new Jerusalem, were they more Babylonian that Israeli!Did God’s people pick up habits and learn other ways than Judaism,yes I think it would not be unfair to fathom that.

Mystery City,great city was the mystic of Babylon added to the Holy Scriptures of God’s word?I probably would be not too far out to say the Kabalistic teaching would have Babylonian ideas in it!

Why would God decree His destruction on the place He loves,except for a need of cleansing!By fire,hence the new Jerusalem from heaven.

I pray you enjoy this piece and helps you to understand and ready yourself for last days.God bless.

Ps Ev  Gill