August Newsletter

Well we are praising God for a new outboard motor for the Salvation Star.After our trip to Warraber Island and the motor dying on the way back near Mount Ernest Island and my deliverance from a stormy sea by the local TI Water Police who towed me back to the boat ramp.



The new motor has been purchased from the Atherton near Cairns it is a low hour motor and only been in fresh water it is now installed on the boat and has been checked out by the local outboard mechanic who by the way is a real professional!

The RACQ awarded us a claim on the old motor and we were refunded a good portion of the funds we spent on replacement we are praising our God for the favour.

Winter in the Torres Straits well we all breath a sigh of relief as temperatures decline and we are able to live easier without the harsh heat.

Pamela and myself are putting in time to break the day in the garden which are coming along nicely we were given a couple of chooks from the builders that replaced the church roof just recently incidentally a top job eh, they are getting along nicely, but Pam sure wants the rooster to stop crowing! I have made headway with our little aquaculture venture building a small nursery for hatching the eggs.


Great news The Lord has blessed us to establish regular giving into Papua New Guinea.We are now giving to a young boy the Lord showed me on my trip and the finances are being handled by a very reliable and able young woman and also we will give to a young Pastor there for future work into the coastal hinterlands. Ps Sammy just took a team to Parrama Island and they held an outreach where there were salvations and healings

We are thanking God for relationships developed also in Sigabadaru and Saibai Island. One believer there is focused on building a church and another young woman is making mats and billum bags to sell down south but more importantly introducing us to family members that we are able to pray for.

The Church here at T I have just had a mission trip to Murray Island on the far outer edge of the Straits near the end of the Great Barrier Reef.

We are invited to Coconut Island but the weather is just too rough at the moment and thanks to the insurance we have a new GPS Chart Plotter for future trips which are a lot safer than the one I was using from the IPad  which went for a swim and is no longer with us… Boating accident!

we are staying right on top with Endtimes teaching actually I am focussing on Lastdays rather. We are keeping our eyes on the Jewish Feast of Trumpets this year in October thinking we will see lots of stuff happening before then and interesting mark is the Jewish second month of the year this year is November on our calendar and the seventeenth day happens to be the day Noah was locked into the Ark by God Gen 7:11. It is 45 days after the Feast of Trumpets!

As the days of Noah Jesus tells us the end days will be… Well even Noah was told seven days prior to the flood to get in! I know it doesn’t actually matter for those of us that are watching but I must tell you the watching sure has stimulated us about the unique time we live in with transgender toilets and Zika virus and earthquakes and floods and global financial uneasiness and refugees and war on the horizon.

Our Lord has prepared a place for us… John 14:3

God bless

Ps Ev Stephen Gill