SGM Newsletter January 2016


Hope you are enjoying 2016, we are and urge you to make the best of this year.

We are still here in tropical Thursday Island Torres Strait having a late start to the Wet season. It began early February rather than November – o oh another sign of Climate Change.

Personally it is giving me a chance to develop in the ministry working with other leaders in the field. I find it challenging to join with a church and all that they are doing and stay focussed on this ministry.

Nevertheless we have some great Brothers and Sisters here who are loving God and each other and the Church is going through a growth stage that is enjoyable.


Pamela is leading  the Children’s Church and tutoring at a local College.

We have caught some decent fish and I have done some long-awaited maintenance work on the boat, image‘Salvation Star’. Praise God the local shipping Company brought our van and trailer over free of charge because we are in the ministry, blessings to them.





God has provided for us here living in the missions house belonging to the Church just a short walk across for the services.





imageThis is a typical long boat or canoe that was used by the Islanders travelling between the islands.

The islanders have a long history of fishing for fish,shark,dugong and turtle to name some of their rich table fare. The people of Thursday Island have come from many of the islands even as far as Papua.

These days they have colleges here for the children from the outer islands to be educated in modern life as the outer islands have a more lay back type lifestyle with fishing and subsistence farming where suitable. There is a rich commercial fishing industry here where tropical crayfish are caught for market.

The Church people have important positions in the community, most with government jobs.

Well that’s about it I may jot some other stuff down yet before it gets to you or this is it… Oh here’s a look at our cassava patch and veg garden.


plots of love

Ps Ev Stephen and Pamela