Trip to New Britain and Solomons Islands

One Down Another to Go

Time is money, money is time. We are so thankful for our life,the way it is now and indeed been for over twenty-five years.It hasn’t all been a breeze I could tell you yeah,but on reflection as days that have gone past quite quickly it is easier now to appreciate the changes and apprehend the future.

Back to my thankfulness, as a pilot which is one of my loves and accomplishments I am well aware of the time savings using my skill, 75% in fact anything over three hours Journey.

My wonderful trip to Daru in PNG was a solo trip taking ten hours using $900 worth of fuel and returning another ten hours with a passenger on board. The Salvation Star performed well and protected us on the  voyage as the sea was quite heavy. There were times when I fought off the thought of drowning.


Flying across the beautiful Torres Strait will be a pleasure staying high above the roaring water. My proposed trip to New Britain and Solomons Islands is less dangerous actually and much quicker of course than by boat. We will touch down on two occasions before leaving the main island of PNG for refuelling.

We will make substantial connections with local leaders Of the communities. As my travels have already proven, we will expect this to continue enabling SGM to make closer ties in future visits.


Believing that our cause and mission to the South Pacific is not in vain a happiness and love drives us on.






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