How to be Saved

God the creator of the universe has created man and blessed him and given him a future of good not harm.Through the record of the Holy Bible we will see the love of God continually advancing toward man.

The sons of God before man was created fell from glory and followed Lucifer the curse came into the world when Lucifer jealously pursued man Gods other son. Gods unending love for His creation developed a plan that overthrew Lucifer later called Satan as the accuser of man and man took it into his own hands again, those who believe, through the Redeemer Jesus the Christ who ransomed every son of God by His blood that spilt from His body in His passion.

Yes come to Jesus and ask God for your forgiveness on the basis of Jesus’ sacrifice man’s job is to believe. Believe God loves you and made a plan to save you from your sins and that plan is His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

If you have, you are cleansed of sin and accepted into Gods family shout about it tell your friends and family and find a worthy Church to attend if you have meant it with all your heart your also my family my brother,sister son or daughter and I love you too.You have Gods Word on it!  – John 3:16, Romans 3:23, Eph 2:8,9,

Isaiah 53:4-5! Mark 16:16.image