My Testimony to the power of God to Heal.


Firstly God picks people to heal we know He picked Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus said “the anointing is on me to….” Isaiah 61:1.

Since the Bible tells us that God places in the Church different ministers to do different ministries.

Our job is about “rightly dividing the word” a bit like a surgeon would divide parts of the body to get to the right part to work.

There are different ways within the church of God that healing is ministered.

  • A prayer of faith – usually ministered by the elders of the church with oil.
  • Healing that comes through a specific ministry.
  • Covenant healing requiring a stand of faith by the believer.


One testimony is this,when I was a young believer I was keen on the idea that Jesus wanted us to pray for the sick.

So I would read up on the subject, be exceptionally intentive when the pastor preached on the subject and when healing ministries came to church I would join the workshop.

Then God started to speak to me about gifts of healing, for instance I really liked to suck on lollies that were medicated sold over the counter in many shops, they were my favorites.Then God told me NO! Would you be willing to give them up for me…Yes God of course,I was doing really well and then one day I forgot! Pow! I got sick and God said to me that it was because of the medicated centre in the lolly.So I haven’t had any since.I believe God takes people on a walk less travelled to teach us especially if we are going to heal.

Another example – in a worship service at our local church we were experiencing revival and people from all over the district were coming For the services.Brothers and sisters from the different denominations experiencing the presence of God mightily.

One particular night I was on the platform with the pastor and the presence of God was amazingly powerful I was drunk in the Holy Spirit and I heard screaming and an ambulance’s flashing lights and a young girl one of our congregation had fallen over and broken her nose in the service she came running to the platform and I saw Jesus’ hand in between the pastor and me touch her miraculously it smeared her face and her nose was made whole.When I see that young lady these days she has a very prominent nose very straight and nicely placed on her face,praise God!

Another experience took place when I was putting myself through Bible college and working on the weekend.The work meant I had to travel down the coast from where I lived and harvest a product.Well through this process I cut myself actually stabbed myself in the wrist and blood started to pump out of my body, as I was frantically searching for a piece of rope or twine to tie off the flow of blood I sensed the Lord say to my heart “what are you doing” I said trying to stay alive, I was getting dizzy from blood loss and there was no one around for miles.Then He reminded me that earlier in the week while I was at Bible college we were studying FAITH WORKS at that moment faith rose in my heart and I shouted out “By Jesus’ wounds I was healed”!(1 Peter 2:24)

Straight away the blood flow stopped and I found I could bend my arm and the wound would close over.I then packed the car and drove for a quarter of an hour to a doctor.The Lord had already SAVED me by a miracle but my wife and our young sister in the Lord were expecting me to go the traditional way and see the doctor.At the doctors office the female doctor started to examine me and I told her that I’d just driven for a quarter of an hour like that because Jesus had given me a miracle.She pressed down hard on the wound and it started to spirt blood which was a great shock to her as it wasn’t bleeding prior to that.

She asked me what I wanted to be done, I asked her to put a few stitches into it to hold it together and that is what she actually did.The doctor also gave me some antibiotics for infection  I started the prescription and the Lord said to me I don’t want you taking them I said Lord this is a serious wound all the inward workings of my wrist have been exposed “didn’t I heal you when you couldn’t stop the bleeding and no one else was around” Yes Lord I’ll stop taking them,how crazy,stupid I was being.

The night before the concert at Bible college, I was to play in which I was a performer and it required movement and clapping and ensemble, the devil came to me and said look at your hand its infected and you will loss it, your stupid for stopping the medication.

I rebuked him and then looked at my hand how it was throbbing and red and puss was oozing out of it and the stitches were pulling and I could see the insides of my wrist and it was infected so I got on the floor before God and prayed and repented for anything I could of done. Then my wife called and told me the church had been praying and the script was about Joshua and how he was on his face praying before God,I told her her call was perfectly timed and shared with her that that was what I was doing.I knew then that God was showing me that I would be alright.Next morning after a restless start to the night with the devil continuing to taunt I woke up refreshed and my hand was healed.

God has shown me on many other occasions of healing since.usually when I go to the doctors I get sick yeah.

God is good and loves His people,healing is still active in the Church of God!

Isaiah 53:4-5, 1 Peter 2:24, Mark 16:17-19.