Home is far away, a place of extreme beauty and love no death and perfect peace.My prayer is that my visitors here will sense that dimension at this site.

We have heard it and probably enjoyed it when the people knock on the door and show all the colourful paraphernalia about a time in the future where God has prepared a place for His people.Well !their right!

The only problem is the same problem that has been around for ages, and that is man’s doctrine and in a worst case senario demonic doctrine. 1 Tim4:1,Col 2:22.God’s people perish for lack of knowledge.But if they watch and pray they won’t be deceived.

The truth expressly says that God has prepared this place for us, a place where His people are protected and made whole while He judges the Earth and all the people that follow after Satan,yes and get the Mark of the Beast.The Mark being the final rebellion from God!

The “narrow path” leading to this beautiful existence is God’s only begotten Son, He is The Word of God!

A great endtime scripture is found in Revelation 19. Showing Jesus coming on the clouds of heaven with all His faithful.These warning scriptures are Jesus shouting at us to watch out for other paths.How important is the greatest game of all, for you?Is it worth fighting for?

Satan is a liar out to steal your eternity from you, we run to Jesus,we are safe within His word, He said “I am the way, the truth and the life”,that means all we need to have the LIFE,even the eternal life of the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE is to stay on the way and with the truth!

I am going to take you through twenty seven years of info God has shown me about endtimes.He has commissioned me right from the start to live for this purpose.Those that have followed my teachings already know enough to have them ready for the most remarkable time in human history!I will endeavour to list certain identities relevant to the last days comparing modern events with ancient prophetic writings and layering them with Jesus’ and the Apostle’s teachings.

Endtime Identities 

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