The Body of Christ

Christmas now almost on us once again,I ask you to think on the word Christmas…we have Christ-mass or the whole body of Christ this is what I want to focus on.

We can’t no sooner join with another family than we can join with Christ Jesus.We see the faithful looking into heaven astounded as Jesus Christ levitates into heaven before their very eyes!They were His family at the time some left previously another betrayed, but these stayed not without fault, the record shows they stayed faithful to the cause.Were they changed into another being at the feast of Pentecost…these people were already forged into some type of family as they followed the Christ.

The Promise of the Father was the PRIMARY THING happening to them since the departing of the Christ!The Son had gone with the word of promise left ” not many days and YOU WILL RECEIVE”!


What is IT they were to receive…Yes The PROMISE of the Father!

WHY!!!Jesus did no ministry until He was filled by the COMFORTER The Holy Spirit of God.He said He would send ANOTHER Comforter just like Him.REMEMBER HE IS INVISIBLE!Jesus was the visible representative of the Father. (Col1:15)

They were waiting for the same power that Jesus the Christ had that spellbound them for three years.Although the name “christian” was first used as a derogatory term for His followers similarily as some so called followers say the term “Jesus Christ”!!! probably in vain.It does explain what they actually were!They and we are Christ-ones.Jesus as the Lord or boss of the church or gathering of followers said when He left they would continue the work and they did! (Acts 3:6)

They expected to do the same things that Jesus did remembering He told them “greater things than these shall you do”!

We can’t be spellbound looking up into heaven crying out to Jesus or just being fascinated at His works when we are OBEDIENT to Him!


That is what they did and if it is what you do so it will happen! I am a witness of the fact.

The FAMILY aspect of the Body of Christ is a common union.We ALL waited and obeyed!

Jesus encouraged His disciples to expect I encourage any other followers of His to EXPECT.The church all those that attend are not a true representation of the BODY it would be fair to say they are a gathering of candidates.What they are EXPECTING varies but it should first and foremost be the PROMISE of the Father.

We only see Jesus wandering in the wilderness before He was filled with the Promise FACT!God’s people going towards the PROMISED LAND wandered until they upset God the Father so much He gave them another promise “they will never enter”!

Blasphemy!The type concerning the Holy Spirit of God is unforgivable.This type of blasphemy is little understood, followers especially new ones, hope they don’t do it.Technically we see it in action among the religious leaders of Jesus’ day.The account actually shows a record that is there for all time.The Pharisees that PERSISTED in calling Jesus a devil and saying the work He was doing at that time was of demonic origin.

Firstly the record shows when He got excited in His faith they called Him demon posessed and then in their jealousy they said His works were from demonic power!A full unbiased study reveals that the main offenders differed from the other Pharisees by their persistence of abusive speech concerning the origin of spirit in which He operated.

The Body of Christ does not doubt or believe not the holy scriptures!Jesus said “if you  deny my words before men I WILL deny you before the Father”!

You see there is a sanctification and a separation that takes place within the physic realm.Faith and belief affords no separation in mind.Doubts may come but the ability of the mind to cast down the thought or the demonic attitude or the power of faith given to disregard it.

Separation from God started firstly by a demonic influence the Serpent said to the woman she perceived a thought from him doubting what God had said. (Gen2:17).

The first disciples never doubted yeah but they did repent because Jesus said they would especially Peter the faith nut!They stayed a body.They were all baptised into Jesus’ name when the Holy Spirit came (Acts1)We see the Gentile Baptism started in Act 10 and we hear of them being baptised for the forgiveness of sins a public profession. The first disciples were all Hebrew children and had been baptised if it wasn’t of John then of another Rabi of their faith.

To many of Christ’ children are not baptised in the Holy Spirit and it is due to blaspheme of the Holy Spirit through some Seminary Leader or Minister that persisted in the heresy or possibly more correctly apostasy.

The body of Christ have one thing in common and that is obedience not persistence in wrong teaching as that is blasphemy of the worst kind!The Holy Spirit moves among the body doing the greater things of Jesus!If there is blasphemy there is separation.He will not honour that spirit!The Body would be disjointed and that is the very reason the church is considered weak and why it stays together weak.

The Holy Bible states that God specifically Jesus as Lord of the Church or Body does not retract the gift or callings!Although He does JUDGE on the last day!

This is why new followers of Jesus are so happy, they aren’t judged but exonerated!They will tell you just how it is…they want to burn out for Him because His TRUTH has set them free!

Just remember one thing now… its the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth the Comforter the Spirit of Christ Jesus that is the Promise of the Father the present of Christmas fulfilled!

Seeing The Kingdom in the Beast

Revelation 13

The Beast as seen in Daniel the prophet chapter 2,also in the Revelation is a scary wake up call,there could be nothing more scary to get people’s attention.In Daniels day and in the days of the first church,also in ours.

Seven heads and ten horns ribs in mouth and so on!

When we see the evolution of the kingdom of God through the gentile empires on Earth,it is easier to understand God’s plan in things!

Now we have the best medical and educational institutions,wonderful inventions and excellent provisions also the meanest governmental system that has ever been on Earth.Mean in regard to its powerful ability to control wrong,for The betterment of society.Peacefullness is its moto but destruction is its way!Ask Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan to name a few.

Man has evolved over the last two thousand years and you better know he will yet more before it’s all over!We are expected to treat women fairly and orderly with equality overtones, we are not allowed to punish our children with beltings or hitting or smacking as was normal in past society behaviours.We are prompted to let children decide what “sex” they want to be,right or wrong our world has changed and to some extent and without throwing the ” baby out with the bath water” for the better.Our women should be able to express themselves as individual beings, capable of greatness and have an ability to excercise ones mind beyond the “norm” if the norm is out of date.Any human does not deserve to be treated as a second rate citizen!

People are what they choose if you choose to go and sit in the gutter,well that’s your choice,watch the bus doesn’t come and squash you like a bug!

We as intelligent human beings have to see the kingdom in the beast for at least self preservation.Many people opposed the power throughout time and paid the price but incredibly many died unrighteously not as martyrs but nuisances!

Antiauthoritarianism is the KILLER!

Your little group won’t keep you safe in this final Beastial system!The meanest governmental system known to man ruling hands down over the whole Earth is a fearful thing and we shouldn’t NEED to fear!!!

Judas Israriot is also called “The son of perdition” the same name called to the world leader who Satan will use to rip off the world of non believers! Look at Luke 22:3 see that Satan entered into him and changed him they both are God’s masterpieces,funny eh,for a particular minute piece of time in history yet so impressive on the lives of humans as Hitler was also and Pol Pot and Edi Armin,the countless cost of lives wasted in their seemingly idiotic movements,religious men…anti authoritarianism is a killer!

The whole time that Jesus’ role as “The Teacher” and “The Lamb of God” was on the stage of the Earth Judas was there part of the “sect” the new move of God right through to the final act,so too will the other “son of perdition be.There is no more need of another “Lamb of God” as it was once and for all!

Mindsets are killers!Whether suicide or schizophrenic their purpose is to kill!They are not based in reality!Why should the righteous be judged with the ungodly…but it’s not righteous to be against the kingdom, that comes from a mind-seed planted by the enemy.

Gods voice still calls out “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”!!!

FEMA is there for order,your order might well be a plastic coffin!You don’t have to have a mobile phone to be identified your bank account number will do, or your pension number or your pharmacy number,some people are “better” known these days and some also don’t care.

Don’t just walk away from this knowledge without you letting it go deep down into your thinking,I heard an advertisement on TV the other day saying that a tradesman dies every two days from suicide!Police officers hardly never serve till long service,there is something already going on in the minds of our nation!Too much talk coming from people that are unqualified to speak on such subjects that are relevant to man’s wellbeing.

They can take you away!!!

Are you a POSITIVE PLAYER,this Beast system I am talking about is!World peace!The major concern of the UN!Billions and billions of dollars have been invested in it.Not just who will be given kindness so they can sell the dirty garbage they are sucking out of the Earth to put in our cars and boats and airplanes,there is more than is needed and some countries that is ALL THEY HAVE!!!

Dirty rotted down life from ages ago that is choking the life out of our present, yeah,countries are like “passive smokers” choking you because they’re far too “behind” standard!You want to help do you!

Jesus said change your MIND or you will LOSE it!But if you change it you will gain your life!

Seeing the Kingdom in the beast is a matter of not being deceived!Seeing the kingdom is a particular way of walking this Earth and ENTERING IN is even more helpful,it is Spiritual,spiritual deception is useless in the kingdom!

The Beast will kill you!If you deserve it!

The evolution of the kingdom has made a better man with better options and objections small mindedness is a killer!

Your little group is a killer,it will kill you!

We are NOW living in the time of fulfilment, everybody knows,the world wants peace they do not care about your little agenda!

People of God we have a job to do,we have a life to live,and we have a hope to cling to.The light and the salt will hold back the decay,but understand the time in which we live,don’t try to have fifteenth century mindsets for the strongest most powerful time in the history of this Earth.

The Revelation says specifically the Ten Kings and the Beast have ONE HOUR of power to do what…Not to kill all Gods people but to destroy the WOMAN!God’s will!

144 thousand pure virginal men (Rev14&7)will be saved out of Israel,not much eh where does all the rest go…Church Not of the deluded,at the last hour the Lord will appear and all will know He is God,not much evangelism there huh!Except by the Evangel Himself! Come up here !With a sound as a trumpet!Read the Holy scriptures the truth is what sets men free!

Understand our faith the Bible says is hinged on the Old Testement Prophets,The Apostles writings and Jesus’ words being one.You can’t take them out of context and make them say what you want them to say eh,just what the original writer was saying by the Holy Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit of God will have you there at the end unless you have finished the race,and then you get to go home early!

Min Stephen Gill


The False Prophet

At this time in history the title of this post is certainly not popular,but necessary!

The Revelation speaks about this identity as having a unique relationship with the Beast.

In the 16th chapter verse13 we see the FP associated with the Dragon and the Beast,they have demons that  look like frogs to deceive the kings of the Earth,a spiritual conniving, verse14.This duo the Beast and False Prophet do false miracles to deceive men to get the MARK!

So we have a political personality that is meshed with the Dragon,when he comes into play, the fifth trumpet.Then we see the FP aligning himself with the political organism causing the kings of the Earth to be deceived by the false miracles the two do together!Their end is definite, Rev 20:10!

The false miracles seem like the key, maybe Climate Change activities!Whatever, they are deceiving the great men of our world.

It is not yet, as the UN will work together until the world Leader is consumed with total dominance of the world and wanting to dominate and sit in the Temple of God in Israel.

The Beast and the False Prophet are taken out of the way before the Dragon,the Dragon will continue for a short space of time with the Ten Kings.Remembering the B is a political organism and the FP possibly is as well, for them to work so closely.

We see now in 2017 the UN’s main player in the Middle East, Russia the “feet” of a bear, and Gog’s confederacy’s “leopard” Boko Haran of Africa and the other groups working together there.

There is mass confusion by the sound of the media saying that  Russian and the US are at each other!Even though they are a part of the same team the UN.The very limited mention of the FP in the Revelation suggests to me his time is short only 3 mentions, while the B and the D are mentioned several times.

The Beast is seen before morphing into his final personality, with the feet of a  bear, the body of a leopard and the mouth of a lion!Remember, the second Beast causes all of the world to worship the first Beast!

You see now that the UN is not quite together they are still fighting, hence China having been told by US that they are defaulting their responsibility in the region by not “curbing” North Korea’s behaviour!Although just this morning it was state that China has moved on the situation to some extent!China also like Russia and the USA are major players in the UN.

The FP and Ezekiel’s Gog are one and the same!The very character of the Middle Eastern confederacy is sneaky and have always ever been, the biggest ME players have always been holding back on Western relations and spying on the West trying to find out what it is they are about from the hold of their religious stance.

All players are positioned!Let the games begin!

The FP has been uniquely able to group many people’s together for his cause, this is why the CIVIL WAR in the ME.

Look at his people the Iranians and Afghans,Sheiks and Sultans that forged a people almost world wide,from a past era,the most being a primitive people that have been farmers and shepherds for years fighting with the Saudi kings and to some extent the Turks that have been closely associated with the United Kingdom for years.

Gog is a spiritual identity that the demon of the FP works through,Gog has been prophesied into being by the Holy Spirit of God through the Prophets to come into play in these last days.

God in all His wisdom knew men would fight against His ways and has used their efforts to sought out the mess and prepare for the True New Age to come.

As we now can see, the pressure to get the MARK and be busy working towards being on the wrong side of God is great!

There is a WAY!

Hope you enjoy this and it’s life-changing for those you care about!

Ps Ev Gill

July Newsletter

Hello to everyone,it’s been pretty busy for us to recently.We have been on the “road” now for five years,mostly remote.


We are certainly not complaining actually,we have met some great people and been a blessing to many others.We had no alternative but to withdraw from Torres Strait after two years in Thursday Island.Blessing to all that were a part of the answer enabling us to live and share God’s love there and Papua and other Islands.

We are presently in the Cairns region and planning to stay for a while,we have a contract,and getting rest and much needed recuperation.Please pray faithfully as our relationship has taken a battering and Pamela also has some health issues.

I foresee another mission to Papua and Solomon Islands not probably as intensive as we would like,but setting our foot down in those places and connecting with His people.

It is such a wonderful thing to know that our God never lets us down even when things seem to be going wrong and we do know when that happens,but He is just positioning us for more blessing!

I have learned that it is important what we say out our mouths and I think actually it is about what we harbour in our hearts,if it is in our heart then it’s too close for comfort.



Oh wrote another song recently it goes like this:


I know that you love her and didn’t mean to do it

but it’s funny how things happen in our lives

yes it’s funny how things happen in life

I know that you love him and didn’t mean to do it

but it’s funny how things happen in our lives

Yes it’s funny how things happen in life

well He said it wasn’t like that in the beginning

And we said to death do we part

But its funny how things happen in our lives

Yes it’s funny how things happen in life

I know that you love her and didn’t mean to do it

But it’s funny how things happen in our lives

Yes it’s funny how things happen in life

Well I know that you love him and didn’t mean to do it

But it’s funny how things happen in our lives

Yes it’s funny how things happen in life

well He said it wasn’t like that in the beginning

And we said to death do we part

But it’s funny how things happen in our lives

Yes it’s funny how things happen in life


This song just came together for me as I was playing a praise song it actually goes to the tune of ” Your Love Never Fails” everyone loves it!

I”ll see if I can get a video of on for you.



Please don’t forget the webpage there is some great stuff there, especially on Endtimes!

Well I don’t know if we will get another newsletter out before the end of September but as you may probably know the Feast of Trumpets is on again and it is supposedly the start of the 120th Jubilee,and if it is watch out Jesus is coming again!

I am so willing to believe it,there is just a few concerns I have.

The two witnesses,and the Temple.Possibly the two witnesses may not be literal and could be about Messianic Jews and the Faithful Church.Also the cornerstone of the Temple may be enough,I don’t really know.Though I think we will all be ready I’m going to be ready even in September eh.

Well love you God bless you and why don’t you write back bye for now

Min Stephen Gill

The Kings

The kings of the Revelation.

The Revelation tells us there are two groups of kings associated with the Beast and the Woman.

Israel has a long list of kings over forty of them some of the greats I’m sure you have heard of.

The greatest being King David and Solomon his son.

There were another group of kings associated with Israel twenty centuries ago.Concerning the Revelation,it links the old with the new,the old Beast of Daniel 2 with the new of Rev 13 for instance and also the kings!

The writing of the Revelation and also as it is prophecied into the future and landing on the present,the group of kings are on one hand the today type kings of the world like any blood line of the Monarchy, or Prime Ministers and Presidents,but we don’t generally think of the Israeli kingdom or bloodline these days although with the growth of the new Nation of Israel and the need of their Temple Mount practices for worship we possibly will see exactly that.

Twenty centuries ago there was a kingly line that history tells us dilapidated into the buying of kingship rather than being passed on by bloodlines.This is why the people at Jesus’ first appearance were ready to make Him king!They were oppressed by the Romans because of the fact that their “king” was false,Herod of which there were quite a few,Herod The Great being but one!

God encouraged His people with Jesus the King of kings,as the kingdom was falling into a dramatic decline and one that our generation is only just seeing come to light again!

Whether the “last king” of Israel before Jesus comes again, buys his way in or is actually bloodline is yet to be seen.This is one group,the other group is likely to be from other remaining areas of the UN conglomerate.

Why are there two groups…because the second group is not as closely associated with the Israeli kingship.

The last group will destroy the Woman!Satan will possess the first,the Revelation says the seventh becomes the eighth or the eighth is of the seven.

The ten kings have power with the Beast for only one hour!

There is a difference! The powerful false miracles of the alliance of the two beasts that cause the people to get the MARK,and the power that the kings have for one hour!

The mystical power of occult occurs between the two beasts but the power the ten kings have is kingdom power that the United Nations have.So God’s perfect will will be done when they turn against the woman,and even though she has been operating for all this time God’s word will damn her and all those that are a part of her.We are thankful there is another way.

I hope you have enjoyed this info and I hope you can get some other info for yourself,I would be interested in anything to do with the two groups of kings I have set before you.

Min Gill



The Woman

Who is the Woman

The woman is a multi-faceted identity.She is called a city,seven different geological positions on Earth,a harlot,and The mother of harlots.

I suggest to you that the Word is drawing our attention to her character, the distinction between a Bride and a harlot or whore.Whereas the Bible tells us that God’s people are a Bride as seen in the Church of the first-born.

The woman is something contrary to the description of Bride.The word suggests a different relationship, derogatory relationship!Considering that the Word Bride refers to Jesus’ Church harlot must refer to a wrong relationship to God!

Another description is “Seven Hills” the Revelation says she sits on seven hills and refers to a host of people belonging to her in those places. Sounds like followers of religion,definitely the wrong one!The description must mean she has one main headquarters and six other places of influence around the world.Seeing she is related to The Beast as the one that carries her supporting her glamourising life-style,we can assume that she is a religious entity.She sports blasphemous tags on her forehead and holds a cup of the blood of God’s people,opening the imagination to many characters. Other end time writers have associated the Roman church as her,but the Woman has spanned all the age of church development,written in the first century Revelation speaks mainly about the woman in the last days.The Revelation states that the second Beast controls the people to worship the first Beast,so although the second comes,the first is still there,so it means that the woman doesn’t necessarily need to be gone before the second comes!

I don’t believe she is the Roman church,I believe she encompasses more definition than the unfaithful from one church, she may have those involved as well,she is related to all religion and the organisations that are attached to the UN.The atachment  is the key,obviously it is a wrong attatchment concerning relationship!Many religious groups have split off from the main head some for good others not so,this is the key,in regard to the church,the split has been against the Holy scriptures and as the case removed further and further from the mainstream of teaching until they hold doctrines so different from God’s word they actually don’t look like the church anymore.Remembering she is cut off by the Beast!The final blow is when the beast comes out of the pit and has one hour of power with the ten kings.God’s people please come out don’t leave your run too late!

There is a true and a false aspect to her,that is Spiritual! The true dwelling side by side with the false,I believe she encompasses more than one religion but all the players have similar fronts.

She needs a common headquarters I believe Jerusalem is the place, I believe Jerusalem is heating up to be the most important place on Earth! Jesus told His followers to WATCH the “figtree!” Think about it,a place that actually was called ” a no-mans land until quite recently in history now has one of the most powerful countries in the world wanting to move its embassy there!Why! You may ask but we must wait and see!Our relationship with God may need a revitaliser before then.

“One will be taken the other left!” I was just reading this lovely morning 3rd of July 2017 that Israeli officials are joining Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with a fast train service to cater for the millions of people they expect for religious pilgrimage.

I believe you will get something out of this teaching,enjoy!

Min Stephen Gill


The Kings



The Beast as a man

The man-beast of the holy scriptures is commonly called the Antichrist,although antichrist is actually a false name for him.

The Bible tells us “many antichrists have gone out into the world”,but this is not the man Beast.The Beast has an accomplice,the False prophet.These are the two identities found in the scripture relating to the great world leader of Daniel and Revelation.The whole purpose of the company of the two is to cause all to receive his Mark!

The Bible says that there is a morphing that takes place to a world leader when Satan/the Beast enters him.

He is not necessarily anti- Christ,but will be against the Woman the other infamous identity of these times.He is against ALL good as Satan is that, and the world leader will not be able to resist his leading once he is possessed.

The Bible also explicitly states that the beast and the ten kings turn against the woman.There can be expected two processes that happen at this time,one, a plus for God’s people the other a negative experience.This is the morphing from the Beast renowned as a political organism to the identity of a great world leader!

He is as Judas Iscariot was, a positive player,but under-goes a change when Satan possessed him!

Remember Satan has already come down to Earth!How else could he enter Judas?He comes UP out of the “bottomless pit” the Bible says!The timing is precise!The fifth Trumpet!

Click here for  Who is the Woman

I pray you have been blessed by this info

Min Stephen Gill