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Hello it’s great you dropped by.Our site is a bit complex but it’s full of info for the time traveller.We are a mature aged couple and we don’t have to drop all secrets to you,although not to share the most important change that has come to my life,I think would be a heinous crime to the human family.


My core is God, He is alive and He lives with me in the guise of The Holy Spirit.You see I have a handle on God!He loves me!

God has never ever let me down as I am trusting in Him,He treats me like a son.He does expect more from me these days as I have been with Him for more than 27 years. I won’t  go on and on about my faith although the site proper has great teaching on Endtimes and other faith matters.This page is about us and what we are doing and the people we meet.

Pamela my wife is a follower and she is a great teacher that just loves everyone.We are especially fond of the Australian Aboriginals and Melanesia people and Pacific Islanders.Pamela along with some of our beautiful supporters just goes “ape” over the children me too they’re soo cute.

I write songs about life and play the guitar a bit and sing This is the type of aircraft I am licensed to fly for our work.

A couple of years ago we agreed that for our work to continue we would need to start going international.Our own backyard was first our closest neighbors Papua New Guinea!

The actual story behind all this I better explain.

Pamela and myself after getting married in the beautiful South Coast of Australia the Shoalhaven area,felt we had to go to the “big city” to make it.So off we went.Then after attending some great colleges and getting relevant qualifications.We started our mission of love.

In Sydney our work was interrupted when some unscrupulous fellows interfered with our work and acted criminal robbing us of our support while I was doing college.

Their methods breached our country’s constitution! I found no legal help willing to intervene and so we have been conducting our business since neccisously while believing our country leaders will heal the breach and do “right” unto us.

We decided we would not let it destroy our work and have been self funding the work with help from supporters.

I believe a settlement will be forth coming and it will be a great relief in the area of “Climate Change” and other unusual occurrances that have been displayed around the world since.This may sound crazy but it has been proven to me on a trip we took to Queensland on my maiden flight.We were stopped by a storm that was battering Nambucca Heads and it went to Sydney and then back up to Brisbane causing tremendous flooding,I suspect it was spawned by something that was going on in Nambucca an extension of what befell us in Sydney.

Pamela was already qualified and she used her everlasting patience while I was educated.I rebelled and left home at a early age and ended up drug and alcohol dependant with multiple relationship addictions which has been cured for 27 years now!

My downgrade was enhanced by money borrowing and HP loans with unstable job opertunities.I don’t “borrow” as I see this as a bad example for young men that don’t need to be shackled with the rich mans money payback,as they actually need the freedom to  possibly “find” themselves.

As Babyboomers we didn’t really want anything to do with the establishment.I waited too long for “oportunity to knock on the door”.Both of our marriages failed and we found ourselves on the upper.She has been a great support for me along the way.

Anyway now I am setting off for PNG and I hadn’t been out of the country before let alone on my own steam.We decided to purchase a boat,a nice stable heavy gauged aluminium cuddycabin with a 70 HP on the back that the owner a friend of ours couldn’t even vouch for but I liked the boat and felt I could make it overseas and back in it.Miraculously with the help of our friends the purchase came together and with their prayers we set off,first the enormous job of towing it up the eastern seaboard of Australia and then into Torres Strait.The motor did make it there and back actually,couldn’t fault it.


In Torres Strait I had to re-apply for my boat license which actually gave me time to get local knowledge from the Islanders about tides,winds and reefs.Then we found out that it would need to be registered for international travel and I had to apply for visas and passports.So we now had a yachtsmans visa and legally entitled to embark on a mission in a foreign country

Well the trip was a success and with the help of many people both in PNG and Torres Strait and I’m sure from down south I made it back as well.This was my first overseas journey under our own steam. We have had other trips into the Islands and plan for more. The aircraft is a pivotal piece to our work into other lands.


enjoy our site why don’t you and write us if you find time we will love to hear from you.


Warning other parts of this site contain privileged information!