April News Letter

imageWow April already

We have had a great rally in Warraber Island a very beautiful place a true coral island in the Torres Strait.

After having to drop off my passenger which happened to be the Torres Strait Superintendent of ACC in another boat because mine was showing low power I continued to Warraber 45 nautical miles out from TI.

After arriving I was met by Harry a great man full of goodness he helped me to tie up the boat to the wharf.After a while a young man called Harry arrived and threw me a rope which he let me keep to tie the other end of the Salvation Star to the shore,then escorting me to the church grounds where we had a lovely room prepared and waiting.

Pamela flew in with the other ladies the next day.

imageThe four days I was there saw lavish feasts and excellent performances and inspired speaking of which I was one with the honour of doing the morning devotions on one occasion.

It was an honour to see and be a part of a great work of unity and direction among the Pastors and Leaders planning for future progress in the Torres Strait.

A big Esso for the teams that kept the place clean and prepared all the food for everyone some of us were not eating much because of fasting but the food was there more than enough I praise the Lord for you!

There were people from Coconut Island,Murray Island,NPA,TI,Kubin,Badu,Saibia, those of who I can just remember.

I had a great time and was very touched to be excepted as a brother and fellow minister among the islanders.The islander people are very definitely a friendly race a blessing from God no doubt and especially the people of God!

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image  image imageThe way back saw my motor die a death of a blown bigend bearing approaching Mount Earnest Island the motor breathed its last and it was time for me to anchor up and do some fishing until the authorities came and saved me from the approaching night.To which I received a tow back to TI by the Water Police quite a fast trip back saw me at Rosehill Boat Ramp within the hour.Unfortunately for me my van had been broken into the side window smashed but I haven’t missed much praise God.

The weekend just passed saw another great climax of talent and teaching with Pastor Andrew Ironside leading us all in a Worship Seminar.

Excellent music skills and heartfelt worship and deliberate praise from many brought the time together to a unforgettable experience where I think all took away something worthwhile and a increase in ability and understanding of approaching God.

It was ALL STATIONS ON ALERT! Fast and furious praise some great teaching from Ps Andrew who has mastered over 20instruments one favorite is the American Indian flute with its haunting and beautiful sounds.

I have used the time to take up my music again after some time that I laid it down as a sacrifice to God,I thought heaven may of said to me “would you still worship and love me without singing and playing”!

So now I’m back into it practicing getting the Myelin flowing and I must admit drawing closer to God again there is an element of closeness with instruments and song that we approach God with that is not in any other practice.I’m being endorsed as a Pastor soon and I think it is timely in my walk and relationships because the “closeness” helps our attitude become more like it needs to be for the Office.

Well I wave farewell for now until our next newsletter

Ps Ev Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill Ministries.