The Body of Christ

Christmas now almost on us once again,I ask you to think on the word Christmas…we have Christ-mass or the whole body of Christ this is what I want to focus on.

We can’t no sooner join with another family than we can join with Christ Jesus.We see the faithful looking into heaven astounded as Jesus Christ levitates into heaven before their very eyes!They were His family at the time some left previously another betrayed, but these stayed not without fault, the record shows they stayed faithful to the cause.Were they changed into another being at the feast of Pentecost…these people were already forged into some type of family as they followed the Christ.

The Promise of the Father was the PRIMARY THING happening to them since the departing of the Christ!The Son had gone with the word of promise left ” not many days and YOU WILL RECEIVE”!


What is IT they were to receive…Yes The PROMISE of the Father!

WHY!!!Jesus did no ministry until He was filled by the COMFORTER The Holy Spirit of God.He said He would send ANOTHER Comforter just like Him.REMEMBER HE IS INVISIBLE!Jesus was the visible representative of the Father. (Col1:15)

They were waiting for the same power that Jesus the Christ had that spellbound them for three years.Although the name “christian” was first used as a derogatory term for His followers similarily as some so called followers say the term “Jesus Christ”!!! probably in vain.It does explain what they actually were!They and we are Christ-ones.Jesus as the Lord or boss of the church or gathering of followers said when He left they would continue the work and they did! (Acts 3:6)

They expected to do the same things that Jesus did remembering He told them “greater things than these shall you do”!

We can’t be spellbound looking up into heaven crying out to Jesus or just being fascinated at His works when we are OBEDIENT to Him!


That is what they did and if it is what you do so it will happen! I am a witness of the fact.

The FAMILY aspect of the Body of Christ is a common union.We ALL waited and obeyed!

Jesus encouraged His disciples to expect I encourage any other followers of His to EXPECT.The church all those that attend are not a true representation of the BODY it would be fair to say they are a gathering of candidates.What they are EXPECTING varies but it should first and foremost be the PROMISE of the Father.

We only see Jesus wandering in the wilderness before He was filled with the Promise FACT!God’s people going towards the PROMISED LAND wandered until they upset God the Father so much He gave them another promise “they will never enter”!

Blasphemy!The type concerning the Holy Spirit of God is unforgivable.This type of blasphemy is little understood, followers especially new ones, hope they don’t do it.Technically we see it in action among the religious leaders of Jesus’ day.The account actually shows a record that is there for all time.The Pharisees that PERSISTED in calling Jesus a devil and saying the work He was doing at that time was of demonic origin.

Firstly the record shows when He got excited in His faith they called Him demon posessed and then in their jealousy they said His works were from demonic power!A full unbiased study reveals that the main offenders differed from the other Pharisees by their persistence of abusive speech concerning the origin of spirit in which He operated.

The Body of Christ does not doubt or believe not the holy scriptures!Jesus said “if you ¬†deny my words before men I WILL deny you before the Father”!

You see there is a sanctification and a separation that takes place within the physic realm.Faith and belief affords no separation in mind.Doubts may come but the ability of the mind to cast down the thought or the demonic attitude or the power of faith given to disregard it.

Separation from God started firstly by a demonic influence the Serpent said to the woman she perceived a thought from him doubting what God had said. (Gen2:17).

The first disciples never doubted yeah but they did repent because Jesus said they would especially Peter the faith nut!They stayed a body.They were all baptised into Jesus’ name when the Holy Spirit came (Acts1)We see the Gentile Baptism started in Act 10 and we hear of them being baptised for the forgiveness of sins a public profession. The first disciples were all Hebrew children and had been baptised if it wasn’t of John then of another Rabi of their faith.

To many of Christ’ children are not baptised in the Holy Spirit and it is due to blaspheme of the Holy Spirit through some Seminary Leader or Minister that persisted in the heresy or possibly more correctly apostasy.

The body of Christ have one thing in common and that is obedience not persistence in wrong teaching as that is blasphemy of the worst kind!The Holy Spirit moves among the body doing the greater things of Jesus!If there is blasphemy there is separation.He will not honour that spirit!The Body would be disjointed and that is the very reason the church is considered weak and why it stays together weak.

The Holy Bible states that God specifically Jesus as Lord of the Church or Body does not retract the gift or callings!Although He does JUDGE on the last day!

This is why new followers of Jesus are so happy, they aren’t judged but exonerated!They will tell you just how it is…they want to burn out for Him because His TRUTH has set them free!

Just remember one thing now… its the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth the Comforter the Spirit of Christ Jesus that is the Promise of the Father the present of Christmas fulfilled!