Seeing The Kingdom in the Beast

Revelation 13

The Beast as seen in Daniel the prophet chapter 2,also in the Revelation is a scary wake up call,there could be nothing more scary to get people’s attention.In Daniels day and in┬áthe days of the first church,also in ours.

Seven heads and ten horns ribs in mouth and so on!

When we see the evolution of the kingdom of God through the gentile empires on Earth,it is easier to understand God’s plan in things!

Now we have the best medical and educational institutions,wonderful inventions and excellent provisions also the meanest governmental system that has ever been on Earth.Mean in regard to its powerful ability to control wrong,for The betterment of society.Peacefullness is its moto but destruction is its way!Ask Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan to name a few.

Man has evolved over the last two thousand years and you better know he will yet more before it’s all over!We are expected to treat women fairly and orderly with equality overtones, we are not allowed to punish our children with beltings or hitting or smacking as was normal in past society behaviours.We are prompted to let children decide what “sex” they want to be,right or wrong our world has changed and to some extent and without throwing the ” baby out with the bath water” for the better.Our women should be able to express themselves as individual beings, capable of greatness and have an ability to excercise ones mind beyond the “norm” if the norm is out of date.Any human does not deserve to be treated as a second rate citizen!

People are what they choose if you choose to go and sit in the gutter,well that’s your choice,watch the bus doesn’t come and squash you like a bug!

We as intelligent human beings have to see the kingdom in the beast for at least self preservation.Many people opposed the power throughout time and paid the price but incredibly many died unrighteously not as martyrs but nuisances!

Antiauthoritarianism is the KILLER!

Your little group won’t keep you safe in this final Beastial system!The meanest governmental system known to man ruling hands down over the whole Earth is a fearful thing and we shouldn’t NEED to fear!!!

Judas Israriot is also called “The son of perdition” the same name called to the world leader who Satan will use to rip off the world of non believers! Look at Luke 22:3 see that Satan entered into him and changed him they both are God’s masterpieces,funny eh,for a particular minute piece of time in history yet so impressive on the lives of humans as Hitler was also and Pol Pot and Edi Armin,the countless cost of lives wasted in their seemingly idiotic movements,religious men…anti authoritarianism is a killer!

The whole time that Jesus’ role as “The Teacher” and “The Lamb of God” was on the stage of the Earth Judas was there part of the “sect” the new move of God right through to the final act,so too will the other “son of perdition be.There is no more need of another “Lamb of God” as it was once and for all!

Mindsets are killers!Whether suicide or schizophrenic their purpose is to kill!They are not based in reality!Why should the righteous be judged with the ungodly…but it’s not righteous to be against the kingdom, that comes from a mind-seed planted by the enemy.

Gods voice still calls out “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”!!!

FEMA is there for order,your order might well be a plastic coffin!You don’t have to have a mobile phone to be identified your bank account number will do, or your pension number or your pharmacy number,some people are “better” known these days and some also don’t care.

Don’t just walk away from this knowledge without you letting it go deep down into your thinking,I heard an advertisement on TV the other day saying that a tradesman dies every two days from suicide!Police officers hardly never serve till long service,there is something already going on in the minds of our nation!Too much talk coming from people that are unqualified to speak on such subjects that are relevant to man’s wellbeing.

They can take you away!!!

Are you a POSITIVE PLAYER,this Beast system I am talking about is!World peace!The major concern of the UN!Billions and billions of dollars have been invested in it.Not just who will be given kindness so they can sell the dirty garbage they are sucking out of the Earth to put in our cars and boats and airplanes,there is more than is needed and some countries that is ALL THEY HAVE!!!

Dirty rotted down life from ages ago that is choking the life out of our present, yeah,countries are like “passive smokers” choking you because they’re far too “behind” standard!You want to help do you!

Jesus said change your MIND or you will LOSE it!But if you change it you will gain your life!

Seeing the Kingdom in the beast is a matter of not being deceived!Seeing the kingdom is a particular way of walking this Earth and ENTERING IN is even more helpful,it is Spiritual,spiritual deception is useless in the kingdom!

The Beast will kill you!If you deserve it!

The evolution of the kingdom has made a better man with better options and objections small mindedness is a killer!

Your little group is a killer,it will kill you!

We are NOW living in the time of fulfilment, everybody knows,the world wants peace they do not care about your little agenda!

People of God we have a job to do,we have a life to live,and we have a hope to cling to.The light and the salt will hold back the decay,but understand the time in which we live,don’t try to have fifteenth century mindsets for the strongest most powerful time in the history of this Earth.

The Revelation says specifically the Ten Kings and the Beast have ONE HOUR of power to do what…Not to kill all Gods people but to destroy the WOMAN!God’s will!

144 thousand pure virginal men (Rev14&7)will be saved out of Israel,not much eh where does all the rest go…Church Not of the deluded,at the last hour the Lord will appear and all will know He is God,not much evangelism there huh!Except by the Evangel Himself! Come up here !With a sound as a trumpet!Read the Holy scriptures the truth is what sets men free!

Understand our faith the Bible says is hinged on the Old Testement Prophets,The Apostles writings and Jesus’ words being one.You can’t take them out of context and make them say what you want them to say eh,just what the original writer was saying by the Holy Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit of God will have you there at the end unless you have finished the race,and then you get to go home early!

Min Stephen Gill