The False Prophet

At this time in history the title of this post is certainly not popular,but necessary!

The Revelation speaks about this identity as having a unique relationship with the Beast.

In the 16th chapter verse13 we see the FP associated with the Dragon and the Beast,they have demons that  look like frogs to deceive the kings of the Earth,a spiritual conniving, verse14.This duo the Beast and False Prophet do false miracles to deceive men to get the MARK!

So we have a political personality that is meshed with the Dragon,when he comes into play, the fifth trumpet.Then we see the FP aligning himself with the political organism causing the kings of the Earth to be deceived by the false miracles the two do together!Their end is definite, Rev 20:10!

The false miracles seem like the key, maybe Climate Change activities!Whatever, they are deceiving the great men of our world.

It is not yet, as the UN will work together until the world Leader is consumed with total dominance of the world and wanting to dominate and sit in the Temple of God in Israel.

The Beast and the False Prophet are taken out of the way before the Dragon,the Dragon will continue for a short space of time with the Ten Kings.Remembering the B is a political organism and the FP possibly is as well, for them to work so closely.

We see now in 2017 the UN’s main player in the Middle East, Russia the “feet” of a bear, and Gog’s confederacy’s “leopard” Boko Haran of Africa and the other groups working together there.

There is mass confusion by the sound of the media saying that  Russian and the US are at each other!Even though they are a part of the same team the UN.The very limited mention of the FP in the Revelation suggests to me his time is short only 3 mentions, while the B and the D are mentioned several times.

The Beast is seen before morphing into his final personality, with the feet of a  bear, the body of a leopard and the mouth of a lion!Remember, the second Beast causes all of the world to worship the first Beast!

You see now that the UN is not quite together they are still fighting, hence China having been told by US that they are defaulting their responsibility in the region by not “curbing” North Korea’s behaviour!Although just this morning it was state that China has moved on the situation to some extent!China also like Russia and the USA are major players in the UN.

The FP and Ezekiel’s Gog are one and the same!The very character of the Middle Eastern confederacy is sneaky and have always ever been, the biggest ME players have always been holding back on Western relations and spying on the West trying to find out what it is they are about from the hold of their religious stance.

All players are positioned!Let the games begin!

The FP has been uniquely able to group many people’s together for his cause, this is why the CIVIL WAR in the ME.

Look at his people the Iranians and Afghans,Sheiks and Sultans that forged a people almost world wide,from a past era,the most being a primitive people that have been farmers and shepherds for years fighting with the Saudi kings and to some extent the Turks that have been closely associated with the United Kingdom for years.

Gog is a spiritual identity that the demon of the FP works through,Gog has been prophesied into being by the Holy Spirit of God through the Prophets to come into play in these last days.

God in all His wisdom knew men would fight against His ways and has used their efforts to sought out the mess and prepare for the True New Age to come.

As we now can see, the pressure to get the MARK and be busy working towards being on the wrong side of God is great!

There is a WAY!

Hope you enjoy this and it’s life-changing for those you care about!

Ps Ev Gill

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