The Kings

The kings of the Revelation.

The Revelation tells us there are two groups of kings associated with the Beast and the Woman.

Israel has a long list of kings over forty of them some of the greats I’m sure you have heard of.

The greatest being King David and Solomon his son.

There were another group of kings associated with Israel twenty centuries ago.Concerning the Revelation,it links the old with the new,the old Beast of Daniel 2 with the new of Rev 13 for instance and also the kings!

The writing of the Revelation and also as it is prophecied into the future and landing on the present,the group of kings are on one hand the today type kings of the world like any blood line of the Monarchy, or Prime Ministers and Presidents,but we don’t generally think of the Israeli kingdom or bloodline these days although with the growth of the new Nation of Israel and the need of their Temple Mount practices for worship we possibly will see exactly that.

Twenty centuries ago there was a kingly line that history tells us dilapidated into the buying of kingship rather than being passed on by bloodlines.This is why the people at Jesus’ first appearance were ready to make Him king!They were oppressed by the Romans because of the fact that their “king” was false,Herod of which there were quite a few,Herod The Great being but one!

God encouraged His people with Jesus the King of kings,as the kingdom was falling into a dramatic decline and one that our generation is only just seeing come to light again!

Whether the “last king” of Israel before Jesus comes again, buys his way in or is actually bloodline is yet to be seen.This is one group,the other group is likely to be from other remaining areas of the UN conglomerate.

Why are there two groups…because the second group is not as closely associated with the Israeli kingship.

The last group will destroy the Woman!Satan will possess the first,the Revelation says the seventh becomes the eighth or the eighth is of the seven.

The ten kings have power with the Beast for only one hour!

There is a difference! The powerful false miracles of the alliance of the two beasts that cause the people to get the MARK,and the power that the kings have for one hour!

The mystical power of occult occurs between the two beasts but the power the ten kings have is kingdom power that the United Nations have.So God’s perfect will will be done when they turn against the woman,and even though she has been operating for all this time God’s word will damn her and all those that are a part of her.We are thankful there is another way.

I hope you have enjoyed this info and I hope you can get some other info for yourself,I would be interested in anything to do with the two groups of kings I have set before you.

Min Gill



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