The Woman

Who is the Woman

The woman is a multi-faceted identity.She is called a city,seven different geological positions on Earth,a harlot,and The mother of harlots.

I suggest to you that the Word is drawing our attention to her character, the distinction between a Bride and a harlot or whore.Whereas the Bible tells us that God’s people are a Bride as seen in the Church of the first-born.

The woman is something contrary to the description of Bride.The word suggests a different relationship, derogatory relationship!Considering that the Word Bride refers to Jesus’ Church harlot must refer to a wrong relationship to God!

Another description is “Seven Hills” the Revelation says she sits on seven hills and refers to a host of people belonging to her in those places. Sounds like followers of religion,definitely the wrong one!The description must mean she has one main headquarters and six other places of influence around the world.Seeing she is related to The Beast as the one that carries her supporting her glamourising life-style,we can assume that she is a religious entity.She sports blasphemous tags on her forehead and holds a cup of the blood of God’s people,opening the imagination to many characters. Other end time writers have associated the Roman church as her,but the Woman has spanned all the age of church development,written in the first century Revelation speaks mainly about the woman in the last days.The Revelation states that the second Beast controls the people to worship the first Beast,so although the second comes,the first is still there,so it means that the woman doesn’t necessarily need to be gone before the second comes!

I don’t believe she is the Roman church,I believe she encompasses more definition than the unfaithful from one church, she may have those involved as well,she is related to all religion and the organisations that are attached to the UN.The atachment  is the key,obviously it is a wrong attatchment concerning relationship!Many religious groups have split off from the main head some for good others not so,this is the key,in regard to the church,the split has been against the Holy scriptures and as the case removed further and further from the mainstream of teaching until they hold doctrines so different from God’s word they actually don’t look like the church anymore.Remembering she is cut off by the Beast!The final blow is when the beast comes out of the pit and has one hour of power with the ten kings.God’s people please come out don’t leave your run too late!

There is a true and a false aspect to her,that is Spiritual! The true dwelling side by side with the false,I believe she encompasses more than one religion but all the players have similar fronts.

She needs a common headquarters I believe Jerusalem is the place, I believe Jerusalem is heating up to be the most important place on Earth! Jesus told His followers to WATCH the “figtree!” Think about it,a place that actually was called ” a no-mans land until quite recently in history now has one of the most powerful countries in the world wanting to move its embassy there!Why! You may ask but we must wait and see!Our relationship with God may need a revitaliser before then.

“One will be taken the other left!” I was just reading this lovely morning 3rd of July 2017 that Israeli officials are joining Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with a fast train service to cater for the millions of people they expect for religious pilgrimage.

I believe you will get something out of this teaching,enjoy!

Min Stephen Gill


The Kings



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