The Beast as a man

The man-beast of the holy scriptures is commonly called the Antichrist,although antichrist is actually a false name for him.

The Bible tells us “many antichrists have gone out into the world”,but this is not the man Beast.The Beast has an accomplice,the False prophet.These are the two identities found in the scripture relating to the great world leader of Daniel and Revelation.The whole purpose of the company of the two is to cause all to receive his Mark!

The Bible says that there is a morphing that takes place to a world leader when Satan/the Beast enters him.

He is not necessarily anti- Christ,but will be against the Woman the other infamous identity of these times.He is against ALL good as Satan is that, and the world leader will not be able to resist his leading once he is possessed.

The Bible also explicitly states that the beast and the ten kings turn against the woman.There can be expected two processes that happen at this time,one, a plus for God’s people the other a negative experience.This is the morphing from the Beast renowned as a political organism to the identity of a great world leader!

He is as Judas Iscariot was, a positive player,but under-goes a change when Satan possessed him!

Remember Satan has already come down to Earth!How else could he enter Judas?He comes UP out of the “bottomless pit” the Bible says!The timing is precise!The fifth Trumpet!

Click here for  Who is the Woman

I pray you have been blessed by this info

Min Stephen Gill


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