The Beast as a Devil

The Beast as shown in scripture comes out of the “bottomless pit” commonly called hell or the place of the dead.

He is a demon called Satan more specifically the king of the bottomless pit!He comes out of the pit after all demons are released through the Trumpets.This convulsion is triggered by an asteroid or meteorite impact.

As a demon spirit he is unable to do tangible feats on Earth apart from deceiving men into doing his dirty work.But as Judas Iscariot in Jesus’ day was possessed by him,he will enter and possess a great world leader,fictionously called the “Antichrist”.

The beast will wage war against God’s faithful in Jerusalem at the time of the “Two Witnesses” killing them and triggering the Rapture of all God’s people!

The time-line runs as such, the astronomical impact, his release and possession of the World Leader,war against Israel his sitting as God in the Temple and Jesus’ destruction of him!

He as Satan will be thrown into the pit again for the Millennial period of Heavenly Jerusalem on Earth.At that end he will be released to deceive the new world,that had been developed through that time period.

Hope you enjoy this evidence and remember don’t get the Mark!

link to   The Beast as a man

Min Ev Gill

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