The Tares

Matthew 13:24-30

The tares are sown in the Lord’s field by the enemy.He said He rather would have had just the wheat, but the enemy brought the tares.They are in the Church they got there by a scheme of the devil,they are unwanted, useless articles in the kingdom of God.I thought about it and I thought,”wouldn’t it be better to sacrifice the crop rather than risk a polluted mix, seeing there would be nearly a whole growing cycle still left  except for the price of the seed.But no!It is actually not that much trouble, the parable says, He sends the reapers to take out the darnel or tares first,the wheat is already ripe and will be picked up after the tares are bundled and taken away for burning.

This also aligns with the Daniel account of the “consummation and desecration”.Daniel 9:27.Also when Daniel speaks of the “IMAGE” the feet of iron and the toes of clay, the clay representing the weaker of the kingdom!So they are even weaker than the others, this is not talking about the Millennial Saints as that kingdom is not set up at this stage.

Revelation 14:14-20 is also the harvest of the Earth showing two groups the wheat and the vine. Jesus is the One “as the Son of Man” He harvests His people a mighty angel gathers the vine!

It is no worry to the farmer and He tells His people not to worry about them, that all will be sorted out in the end.

Min Ev Stephen Gill.

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