Shepherd of the Sheep

It is such a comfort to us all when we share another pasture.A change is as good as a holiday!

We, you or I, can’t do it all on our own.The Christian family is the vehicle we move amongst and God has structured it as a family.The differences of giftings and attributes shared by the body or family of God is not to be underestimated.

It can be a great missing out if we don’t realise the richness and diversity of the body of Christ.I have seen Jesus and other mighty angels.image

They are nothing like people in regard to their holiness and power ~ we look to great people with awe sometimes and there is an area of respect that we adhere to, but when talking of celestial objects, more importantly celestial personalities, they are awesome of the awesome! Where I’m going with this is the focus of the flesh skin-deepness is old-hat compared to where we are going. The world ~ spectacular as it can be ~ wants you to be bedazzled by stars, legends and idols of show but there is so much more and our God wants us to have an out-of-this-world focus as well. To know the balance. Before Jesus’ first disciples went out into all the world they saw Him in His heavenly suit!

The heavenly realm is not all high-end glory but also subtle and powerful. Rock music has glamour and thrill, but much beauty can be heard too in the sedated tones of ballad and acoustic song.

The Shepherd is not a SWOT enforcer and his work is always noticeable although the soft undertones of his direction and leading are worth a priceless tab.

I wouldn’t want my life-work to be any different, but I would be most un-fortunate to miss the full spectrum of His body functions.I was deaf as a child and off and on throughout my teens and early adulthood.You could imagine the relief and elation I felt when my hearing aids arrived!So it is with a normal body function and the whole working of the Body of Christ in our midst!

Jesus is coming back for such a Bride without blemish a perfect Church if we are never actually perfect in ourselves then the government of the Church must be!Some of us must get it right.He is coming back!

An interesting facet of knowledge I will now share with you concerning the Shepherd. The Star called Arcturus also called the Shepherd is said to be involved in the breaking of the “RESTRAINER”s grip 2Thess chapter 2, the restrainer being another constellation called Orphicus- the Serpent Bearer, the Shepherd is the “Stone” of Daniel that smashes the feet of the image.This stone of course is Jesus’ second coming when He destroys the Antichrist and starts His Messianic Kingdom.The feet of the IMAGE from Daniel which speaks of the timeline of gentile empires leading to the Messianic Age.

“The heavens declare the glory of God”

Psalm 19:1

The importance of a Shepherd’s ministry, care for the here and now, warnings usually come from other ministries such as the Evangelist and the Prophet although I personally believe the Prophet is in the Church to build up the Body the important words that connect the visionary pieces together and encourage the believer.The Evangelist writes about apocalyptic occurrences and the supernatural e.g. John the Evangelist’s Revelations and Philip’s supernatural run and consequential baptism of the eunuch.

The Shepherd is keeper of the Church and like a fisherman’s co-opperative store getting the fish to the market.Whereas the Evangelist only wants to off-load and go fishing again.It may sound lazy but it is scriptural as Peter and John went after Philip and they “finished off” the catch!

The Shepherd also is like a filling station refuelling in some cases and also putting the retired our to pasture,and leading beside quite waters.

Min Stephen Gill





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