Riding the boat of relationship

Wow ever think about how actually people come together…I remember the singleness times,freedom frolicking roaming through life and also the loneliness when “freedom” has run its course.

Two weeks six months two maybe four years who knows how long and I then someone appears on the scene of life another complementary human.

So fresh so scary so healing… Depending on the circumstances,whether there was another before or a first time acquaintance.Do you think God is in control of relationships,I think He is.

The bible says that “every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights” (James 1:17)

I believe a companion in life is exactly that.

Picture the bliss of a life together with a very special somebody… This picture by the way I believe is actually waiting in the Millennial  Reign, when Jesus referred to people who get to go there will be like angels and the fullness of love who is God will be available for the greatest of relationships to enjoy one another.

The only thing is the Garden of Eden ended a long time ago and the Earth and all of us have been polluted and changed through the time.We have a cross to bear and it is preliminary to the later.

Is it possible to love without the expectation of the reciprocal “Father forgive them because they don’t know what they do”Wow!

Like are we actually picking a life partner or a cuddle, are we expecting someone else to be the “WAY” … life long relationships are more than cuddles and even as I write I am getting the inspiration of it being a responsibility to the ushering in to heaven itself.

How many bruises can our soul take, our world is full of broken vessels are we, men “redeemers” women are you expecting them to be…are we just cruel nasty smouldering haters waiting for a hit back for all our pain,poor little lost children no good for anyone but a counsellor.

I’m not really having a dig at anyone… I think anyone that has had broken relationship could have serious scars deep down inside.

Self appraisal goes like this… Why do I want somebody… Have I got heaven or hell and if it’s hell do I want to give me hell…what goes around comes around…

Heaven’s picture is complete we sometimes have a very limited understanding of life we are told “DONT”STOP”NO”! And we hear it and acknowledged it and obey it to we can’t any longer!

Incomplete information can make people jump in unprepared but think of this without worrying about getting pregnant for whatever reason being left jilted someone being unfaithful, tired of demands against your wishes, in the heavenly reign none of it, just full flowing love forever no genitals getting in the way no unwanted pregnancies and unprepared parenthoods just complete love flowing through time.

Think about that eh…

Isn’t it our fear of missing out and our wanting to rush right in through frustration that causes the problems instead of happy relationships…

The CROSS is to bear, is it worth it, a flash in the pan of life or forever happy…I can taste it it is so real to me all that has happened wrong in my life I count as dross rubbish compared to what I sense now!

Jesus promised ” abundant life” do a word study on the phrase and you come up with super abundant life LISTEN…Christians we read and read and read again the scriptures and so often miss the point that JESUS is GOD!

Hey who raises the dead after they have been out of refrigeration for four days who touches the INCURABLE and makes them cured who stills the waves and the wind and walks through walls … JESUS! this Jesus that gives unending full love for ever my prayer is you don’t miss out.Amen
Ps Ev Stephen Gill

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