God is Good

How much do we really believe God is real?  He’ll understand me right? No matter how I live? No…oo God is real and so we need to be.
If you belong to Him you are His, running away like a street kid won’t do. He will find you at the right time!

How much do we really know about Him, when our lives are centred on SELF… very little… life is like a river rushing to the sea. Depending on where you live, you know your lot in life, it could be cascading down mountains and glaciers or just ambling along but it will get there – you will face God one day – we all will.  For the young, it usually speeds up when we reach our teens and as the harness of parenthood comes off us, it’s flow increases.Some of us break the bonds of parenthood in our rebellion because of our lot in life. Maybe things happened less smoothly – we were adopted or orphaned or from a broken home – the devil seemed to be after us at an early time in life.  We are all different.
But you know what…God hasn’t changed at all.  He has been and always will be the same. Sometimes  we find ourselves on the bank, metres from the raging waters  – alive, soaked and sore  – breathing the blessing of life gulping it down and thankful to be in the LAND OF THE LIVING.

God hasn’t changed – regardless of  what is going on in your life. God didn’t speak to the Israelites for over 400 years between Malachi and Matthew! But his love has never changed, for you see people come and go – their lives are like the early mist on a cool day’s morning – very soon and it’s gone – taken away by the sun. So it is for humans; our lives are very short in the overall picture of the world – we have but one chance at it and the devil is trying to rip you off from your destiny! Your one chance at greatness!  Are you giving your competitors too much advantage…

You say “but doesn’t Jesus give us a second chance?” . .no if we were picked out by God before we were born no…we just have up time and down time – we waste it or we make use of it.

The Holy Bible says that we were PREDESTINED FOR GOOD WORKS (Eph 1:5)

That river of life is flowing even if we’re being UNREAL…time is ticking past!

The funny thing – is your destiny is greater than you think!

As I said before if you are a chosen one God will find you and you will be in the proper state to listen.  He knows what it takes to bend your knees. All that matters is how much grief and sorrow you will have to bear in the healing process. How down you are is how close the devil can get to you how long you have to be a sad sack! Until the healing is finished.

See God doesn’t mess around. He counts the FIRST FRUITS as His.  He originally took the first born for temple service; the first born males went into church service no arguments about it.  Just because our parents possibly forgot the way and our tradition changed through different leaders, God still hasn’t changed.
The book of Leviticus speaks about this selection of people for God’s service.  The Christian Era has waxed and waned over the centuries.
We are only just beginning to understand the intricacies of the Jewish calendar and Feast days, to see God hasn’t just numbered our days but everyone’s days.

We can look into the Bible and see how long it was that the THE GREAT DELUGE was on the earth, Noah’s age  when he came out of the ark , how long the Hebrew children were in Egypt before God set them free with a miraculous hand of power.
In a time when some people are being PUMPED by their leaders to hate Israel when many are left- overs of Jacob’s descendants. A man descended from Isaac who descended from Abraham the friend of God…do you see how pointless tradition can be…you could be a descendant of Jacob and not even know it. The Jews were dispersed all over the world at different times of history. There have been recent findings of ancient Jews still practicing their rituals since the refugee crisis in the Middle East.  See our traditions did change but God never changes.

He is HERE for you in this NOW TIME.  LOVE HAS MADE A WAY FOR YOU!  We know that Jesus was the true PASSOVER LAMB of God (Numbers 9:6,9, John 2:23) fulfilling an age-old prophecy. We know where we are up to in the book of Revelation.

How fast is that river flowing in your life – can you get out of it if if you want to…

God will destroy everything in your life if that is what it takes to get you!

Hey JAILBIRD! get out!
Return to the Father of your SPIRIT and start to win the lost – like you were! from the darkness!

Jesus has come! all God – all man but you know He didn’t back off the task set before Him. The man of God, the man part of God PAID THE PRICE !

What is God like….Jesus…what is the perfect man like … Jesus!
What should we be like?  Jesus!

Forgiveness is in no other name……only in the the name of Jesus because God so LOVED the world that He gave Him for us all! forgiveness ….we didn’t do one single thing for Him that counts for zilch but God LOVED us so we will not perish but have eternal life! Amen.

2 Corinthians 5:19
For God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And he gave us this wonderful message of reconciliation.


Ps Ev Steve Gill –

Because I love you -my prayer is that you experience the love  and goodness of God greatly today and turn your life over to follow Christ Jesus!


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