Last days

The prospect of having no where to go on the finalisation of this Earth is a growing concern.

Climate change and the reality of more people on the planet, now than in all history put together.Nuclear poisoning and heavy metals,petroleum products in the sea, are all great concerns for environmentalists.

As a flat world thinker leaving God out of the equation there is little hope for ordinary people other than “pet shop” thinking, what I mean by that is for people to be pigeon-holed into groups based on what they can do;  stop having children and stop driving cars,Population culling!

Although if you were one to imagine that there is a God,and that He has a plan for you;

a plan that could span the meltdown and destruction of this planet,then you would have a completely different outlook on life , right…

Here is my outlook on life ~

I have had the blessing to be able to decipher the scriptures accurately especially the ones in the “little scroll” The Book of Revelations.

It is a marvellous book, you could imagine John the Evangelist taking notes where the movie “Son of God” left off.

You see him there and Jesus comes to him and then chapter one of Revelations begins. After Jesus and the Angel making it perfectly clear that this is Jesus’ revelation to the Church and John has the honour to write it down.

It goes through a segment of warnings and encouragement to the Churches of Asia Minor.Then the SEALS are opened.  Some say these are the seals the Roman Government put on Jesus’ tomb before He rose, as an authority God was able to use them as a datum point in history.

Thinking just a bit about the seals we see in history – things looked rather grim for Christianity most of the Apostles were dead by this time and John exiled to the island of Patmos. The next milestone  was Constantine  The Great freeing Christianity from the clutches of a Rome gone mad. I believe he was the ‘white horse’ of Revelation.

I won’t spend much time on the seals as to me they have already been and the Trumpets are for us!The people of God to know what time we live in.Think about it for a minute …didn’t God in all His kindness give the church of Asia Minor a warning for their time,yes I believe He did, or else why did He have it written,makes sense eh,He has also warned us!

The last part of the writings about the seals ends in a synopsis leading through and to the final day of God’s dealings with the world.

Then we see the trumpets coming out of the last seal!

People of God we are so blessed and specially appointed to see the end,people say argh,”they’ve been saying that since the days of the first Apostles” no …maybe some were but the facts say differently.

We are Australian and we have been blessed with the special name tag of “The Great Southland of The Holy Spirit” is this just a coincidence…it has been over two hundred years since the Gospel of our Lord came here.Yes it is as about as far as you can get from Jerusalem Judea Samaria … it is the ends of the Earth.So just a coincidence yes and all coincidences are of God!

It has been prophecied that the last great revival will come from Australia, so can you see…just how close we are to the end!

The trumpets from Revelations chapter eight: the chapter starts off with a heavenly scene and then an earthquake before the first trumpet that most followers of Endtimes agree to be the Ezekiel 38 war.We have been watching it develop in the Middle East since March 2011.The earthquake was the Christchurch earthquake confirmed shortly later by The Fukushima earthquake and the tragic circumstances that followed.

What will you do..

Will you rejoice because all the sadness and pain and tragedy in the world is almost over and the plan of God in heaven includes you? ..well it is His plan for His people but you know many of my brothers and sisters in God haven’t a clue about spiritual things –  they are trying to work it all out with their minds!

This is not His way – these things must be discerned spiritually…God wants His people to be ready!

Knowing the true way to discern the times is part of being ready. Don’t  use that old adage “no man shall know the day nor the hour” Jesus said this to be relevant to the watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem whose  job it was to wait for the thin sliver of the new moon to proclaim “the day” that starts the Feast of  “No Man shall know the Day or the Hour” –  the Feast  of Trumpets, also some scholars have suggested that the “day” in question is the day of the wrath of Almighty God!

If we seek the scriptures we see that there are more scriptures telling us to watch and be ready! so “the day” doesn’t come on you unexpectantly!

1 Thess 5:4

For more on Endtimes Click here

be blessed by this word

Min Ev Gill


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