Eternal Life

What does it mean to live eternally…my first thoughts are immortality and bliss.

When God offers us eternal life, a chance to share the “real deal ” with Him forever,I now rejoice and ponder all that that could mean.image

Previously I didn’t go so deep, I was in need of a way out of deppression and poverty I was in this biblical position of being ” of the world” blind to the reality of God,a loving Father of all mankind eternally responsible and aware of our every move.

Reading the Holy Bible showed this,God’s love for a people that couldn’t get it right.As I analysed my position to the Ten Commandments realising my short fall still He kept my attention on His love for them and my probable possible enlistment.

There continued a what I now know as grace, a thread of hope as this book unveiled,a love I could not deny,a chance I perceived it as,that captured my heart.

I would read how collectively His people messed up and many died without seemingly having mercy,but the ones that were left obtained it,this was my hope,maybe you too…,but for me I was still in the race.

You know when you find something so wonderful,like being a kid and digging in the ground and finding a hidden toy box full of Airfix models and as you uncover a piece of a bomber almost a metre in size all painted in military colours and it still is in tact and the whole thing comes out in perfect condition except for some dirt and mud,that is what it’s like.By the way I also found an unexploded grenade,could have dug strait into it,mercy,destiny,Grace even election.

The mistakes in life grow smaller and smaller in the light of such rich love, Jesus said ” those that are forgiven much love much”! (Luke 7:47)

Eternal life is salvation, to share your life with the most attractive man in the universe. I wanted to be free and God’s man has the freedom,people’s eyes have to be opened.When God’s people were worshipping the calf and Moses came down from God’s presence many were destroyed they didn’t have a clue till later,that later is not eternity but the resurrection (Rev 20:6-15).We can see that there are two positions in eternity.image

Believing that the creator God loves you and choosing to follow Him into eternity is just about you and Him and a bit about me,I know it is true and my plea to you is to be saved from this generation that is so far away from God’s way,repent change your mind about your sin and come to God through the cross of Jesus I will pray I know it works His blood has paid the price for you for all eternity come,it’s been a sad enough life already but His promises are true and I’m reaching out to you and saying come,come with me to God it’s true!

Ps Ev Stephen Gill






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