The Blood of Jesus

OIs this a spooky subject for you? …to talk about blood – especially the blood of Jesus…


God’s love for fallen mankind went the whole way, not holding anything back.

We see in the book of Genesis the first murder when Cain killed his brother…BLOOD was shed, and the actual words of God were: “your brother’s blood cries out from the ground”(Gen 4:10).

Also the next verse speaks of the curse that comes because of the murder.

Mankind has gotten himself into a big mess!  Imagine how much spilt blood is crying out revenge from the earth today …how the curse has been multiplied,yet people continue practising witchcraft and devising harm against their fellow man.

Devils are metaphysical identities operating on earth with an evil hidden agenda set upon destroying mankind’s dignity and position. This is because mankind is made in God’s image and likeness(Gen 1:26).  Most of us are unaware of the presence of these demonic evil beings with their relentless efforts to steal, kill and destroy human life.


I believe it is why we have Climate Change and the destructive power of God is being unleashed on earth so much in our times. As asteroids come closer and closer to finalise life as we know it, what are YOU agreeing to? All the unfair deaths and murderous attacks, mostly about greed – or have you reason to believe that there is going to be a just recompense of mankind for all the hidden wrong?

Would you say you had been swept up in the flow of life and now are ready to repent and turn to God and His people?  Are you willing and ready to have your sins washed away – no matter how sinful you have been – by the BLOOD  of Jesus the only sinless man?  Jesus redeems the ones who can’t help themselves…… I know this is true by my personal experience!

God in His endless love had Jesus shed His blood on the cross.The sinless sacrifice of the “only begotten of the Father” to ransom a people to Himself away from sin and the judgement associated with it.  Praise God!

Romans 5:9

And since we have been made right in God’s sight by the blood of Christ, he will certainly save us from God’s condemnation.

Can you believe it! ( John 3:16)


Ps Ev Stephen Gill

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