What’s A Church!

Church is basically a group of people.

As you know there are many people in our world and they “gather” for many reasons.The gathering I am emphasising here is a gathering of God’s people in the faith of Jesus Christ.

Jesus as our pattern of what God is like tells us that His church is a multinational multicultural group where God dwells in the midst of.The church also represents a portion of our society a balanced church will have a dominant nature of the indigenous people but a true representation of the whole society.

This is so important to the ongoing establishment of God’s church!

Remembering it is God’s church, not our own and Jesus is the HEAD of His church,other organisations can have whom they want but we have no choice and indeed want none.(Eph 1 :22)

The true church where the angel still frequents and the Holy Spirit bearers are inhabiting, Jesus actually warns that He will take the Angels and the Spirit Bearers away from the Church if His teachings are not heeded. (Rev 1),is an organisation of love, its politics is truth and grace.Jesus God’s only begotten Son is President,commander, CEO and undisputed Boss.This position if encroached and or altered null and void the gatherings position with God.

This is what all church officials aim to protect and is usually exercised through the ministry of the Apostle.

Leadership with its strengths and diligence must recognise what the Spirit is saying to the Church through God’s heirachy.

The church of course is a teaching establishment for the saints of God and its job is missions and we gather to celebrate Christ and God’s victory over evil in the World.

Remembering Jesus said “the works are of the Father” honouring or giving glory to the Father. (John 14:10)

The chain of command is established in heaven and will continue throughout the Earthly Kingdom.(Isaiah 9)

Church is also a meeting place of family and the interested seeking God.


God bless

Ps Ev Steve Gill





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