Your Space

God’s Word says

Colossians 1:13

Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:


If if you are delivered from the power of darkness,then you are delivered…have your own space where you can think about things freely and openly.Dont let a whole lot of voices, mischeifous beings drown you out!

The Bible says we have peace while great portions of the world have strife and stress because of all their SIN.

Did you know friendship with the world is enmity with God as it is written!…

Dont let fleshly affections which are nothing to do with God’s way take up all your time.


The reality is whether you are spiritual or not real relationships take time and if you pick them sensibly, enjoyable.

All that chatter and noise from up or down the road is not the meaniful relationships you may crave,in a world where even your device battery can be charged wirelessly imagine what’s in the AIR,it must be quite thick,maybe that is where all the noise is coming from.

We as disciples of Jesus, and make your choice Him or the world,want to listen to God and have relationships of superior status.

It is like the shallow superficial relationships people get into on the net,how many negative stories do we hear of someone usually a woman getting sucked in from that crowd.A nerd just sits there his or her whole world in a coffee table sized parcel or smaller, madmen are invented in that environment!

Get out or ask some real value people around if your lonely or want mental stimulus!

The statistics state that mental illness is a real issue these days and that it is on the increase it is so bad they don’t know what to do with the problem.

Dont let it be you!

It takes effort to have a friendship, your right to choose is the standard of companionship that makes you more elevated from the base superficial “what’s out there”!

God loves you and cares about your mental state marriages and families are called to peace, anything that interferes with that is criminal, Australian Marriage Act.

Family Law and Community Welfare groups are anxious to right any wrong in the development of healthy families.There has been given such large amounts of finance in these areas don’t be silly about your privacy either,there is a real need in families to have their privacy where just the family relates, it is a time to turn the telle and the devices off and relax and relate.

The Bible of God says every voice is worth its sound but you must distinguish how important it is to your life,whether the Husband or Wife or Parents agree and Bosses possibly too.

I hope you make worthy decisions in 2016 about what is really most important to you actually.

Min Gill.

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