Oh That Men Would Praise The Lord!

For His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of men.

Wow when I think of all the goodness in my life even before I was saved and especially after the miraculous situations I was saved from the people He brought into my life, the glory of heaven He has shown me wow!

Truely this Psalm hits the nail on the head!

Verses 2-6 is the diminishing period that fulfills verse 6. I was so exhausted at that stage of life,I remember a song “please Lord don’t let me be misunderstood” it wasn’t the holiness of the band or anything like that but at that time in the process of God in my life when I heard the name “Lord” it just gave me hope in my hopelessness.So I started my quest for the Lord,it was like I never heard that name before!Time was running out fast I was on “my last legs” so to speak and reading this Psalm I can see the definite process that God uses to bring His sheep home.

Verse 7 “by the right way” that right way is a definite “way” He satisfies the LONGING

SOUL verse 9 filling it with goodness because they REBELLED against the WORDS of God, verse 11.

The loneliness process is so strange like no one else even knows you exist any more verse 12 then the repentance a turning back to God in humble recognition of our failure and being reconciled to Him.

Out of darkness (Col 1:13)

Oh that men would praise the Lord,that’s all He wants,to believe that The Great God of heaven has given men lips to use in praise to Him,do you know you belong to Him,it’s a great feeling to actually know that!

I felt like I was in a clay cast,broke my bands usunder and I could see clearly out of the deception I had gotten myself into.

Verse 17 a bit of a word play wouldn’t you say…,let them lift His name high in the gathering of His people and say how great He is in the gathering of the important men.verse 32, you know now it’s not just women that should be going to church, I go there to do business with God! Have been doing that since the day He saved my life I used to save myself and would fight my way out of a wet brown paper bag but one day God said “now let me fight your battles not you” wow almost died maybe I did but now I am happy and my enemy is so jealous for that. I have been happy for over twenty years,it’s not so much about how smoothly life goes, who knows the waters of life get rough at times, but a happiness not governed by outside influences but a knowing inside that I’ll be alright in the end.That is what the believers are all on about ” The blessed Hope”!Wow!

The Psalms by the way are songs not just about the God of heaven like the Egypian ones but to Him.


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