Get out of Depression

the Spirit of praise for the spirit of heaviness

Isaiah 61:3

This is what I call a Gospill no matter what is wrong with you chances are you will take some sought of medication to help the healing process.

A Gospill is an application of the word of God in our lives the spirit of praise is an application that I used successfully to rise up out of depression.

It worked for me so perfectly and I was just trusting in God Son Jesus to save me and realised that being free from the constraining element of a spirit of heaviness was part of that salvation.

How do you apply this very special remedy to your life,wake up of a morning and just confess it you say God’s word says that if I put on the garment of praise then I will be free from heaviness and have the light load that Jesus says is mine instead!Just wear that garment of praise by praising God thank you Heavenly Father for my freedom you have purchased through Jesus I lift your name for the love you have shown me you are a kind and generous God thank you!

Your praise may be different to mine but He wants to hear it.


Brother Steve.

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