Pushing in to God

I am enjoying a totally fresh feel for God!

He has recently healed me of a problem I have been dealing with for years and now I find the difficulty I was experiencing is easy to manage.

Sometimes God takes us on a road,as I write I am being corrected,a road He has to take us on to get us to the place we were always meant to travel.

We can take the bend in the road but it just keeps on going unto we come to that place were we know how it is He wants us to perform.

It is a great place a place of increase a place of peace and happiness then He takes it away for a short period of time to show how much we miss that place and are sure that it is what we want,like we will fight for it we will do whatever it is that is necessary and there we are after who knows how long but glad we are there.

This particular level in God has been busy and interesting but bridled by the problem,now I am experiencing a new freedom and power to perform my daily duty to LOVE !

Now to love you may think is simple yes I love my wife and my family, I love myself and I love my neibours and my enemies.That last one was a doozy.

Now I have gone up a level in love my wife is really actually enjoying it and I have no reason to believe others in my life and ministry won’t either.As people of God we are to “rightly divide the word”.

Sometimes we find a way of interpreting it to suit ourselves not that we meant to do  it,remember we grow by grace as the Lord our God leads us not by knowledge.

But when the time comes to go up a level wow how rewarding it is Jesus told us not to judge others for their weaknesses or lack of faith but to be understanding Ephesians 2:8 says it is by grace through faith that we grow in God and to God be the glory or honour.

As His children His love has never left us even though we know in ourselves the mistakes we have made but we are the children of His love and no matter what children do the parents still love them how much more does God.

My deliverance has come from following the Lord God in His word being humble enough to seek prayer seeing more clearly through searching for an answer for the problem and I believe being in the right place at the right time if God is telling you to go and do something trust Him and go and do it.He will provide and protect and keep you healthy you see that is where the healing takes place when we are “giving” out of ourselves using what we already have yes “wait” for the Holy Spirit and then when you have enough faith go.

You won’t  win sitting around complaining about things you know how powerful God’s love is it changed you when no one else could that is the love you and I or anyone else don’t deserve, yes He causes even enemies to dwell with us in peace and the peace of God defies understanding proverbs says so much about wisdom but until you can put it in action it’s nothing helpful.

This love is so powerful healing powerful…you see God is Love!

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