The Lost Coin


image     The Lost Coin

Luke 15:8-10

The tradition Jesus was talking about was a gift given at a wedding to the bride. It is said that Palestinian woman had the tradition of receiving ten silver coins.
Depending on the family’s financial position those ten coins may have been worth a lot more than we commonly think.

The fact that she had lost something in itself is a worry for her and how many of us have lost something and also been very concerned.

The “loss factor ” is a saddening part of riotous living without a real mentor for life.So many people have followed an image which is only a partial mentor.

The way a person chooses to live is usually orchestrated by our fathers. However rebellion short-circuits men from the best living example to become bedazzled by another image.Other images, that fall short of the finer details of how to live life. This can set a fire burning that only goes out when there is nothing left to burn.
Sin is a hopeless mess and God has said He must punish it with judgement. It is like an electrical current – we can turn it off but it starts up again when the switch is turned on.
The wages of sin is death …. Romans 6:23 but can there be a way out of the lion’s mouth.
Considering the results of sin some results are irreversible. The harm it has caused others in the process ~ how could remission be enacted, how could God’s holiness be disarmed? the wages of sin is death…,what is left but a sad awakening to the truth – death.

Death in all its guises is an ugly personality waiting like a demon to snatch a persons life away from them. Knowing full well the suspect is guilty.
You see Satan is a legalistic personality ~ he waits until the candidate has fallen into the trap and pounces. His devils attach themselves to the brain and bring that person down.

God’s word says that He must punish sin…, He can’t lie, in fact it is impossible for Him to lie so there is no other way…

In His kindness He made a way He got His Old Testament prophets to announce it He said He would “cut” another covenant with His people and in fact those that were called ” not His people”!
Jeremiah 31:31-34,Hosea.

The centuries ticked past everything just kept happening until a star was seen in the East heralding a NAME that would save mankind from their sins. That name ~ NO OTHER NAME ~ went to hell and all who were waiting after hearing the words of the prophets, He released out of prison down there. IT MUST BE GIVEN AS A REVELATION TO THE SOUL. Or it can’t be received ~ a CHOSEN one must have it… Eternity has been waiting!

The healing of the breach has been done. Can you receive it!


It is of God not of men… If God has put eternity in the hearts of men then there is no devil that can’t be destroyed out of the lives of men!
This makes real sense out of the parable and enhances our self worth as God’s children.

To think that someone would be so careful and search until that one coin ~ you or I is found! As the great sea Captain sang “I was lost – now I’m found”!

Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us to be called the children of God.

Our Saviour Jesus Christ is the only way back from death. Hell is too late, it’s been done! Now we have a better word, a living word.
It is over!

Come be my brother be my sister son or daughter in the kingdom of God and prayerfully, heaven. There is so much to do ~ souls to save ~ places to set free it’s all uphill from hell but heaven’s pushing!

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