Positive Emotion

Sometimes it can be difficult  keeping what is in our heart to ourselves.

Our heart is a storage area and the bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

I used to think about things, like what I felt about something that was going wrong in my life and if some one else was involved I would allow my mind to think bad things about them.

Well that was great for a while just thinking I could dump on them without saying anything.

No! eventually I didn’t like what I was thinking about those people because I would still get angry at them and being angry at people is bad for the heart, so I decided no more! I wasn’t going to let those thoughts hinder my love for my fellow humans.

The heart being a storage area and the mind is the process area.

The bible says to “cast down every imagination and thought that is against God’s word ” and God is a God of love.

Talking about stress, you and I don’t need to much of it.Something some one has said or done wrong to you,  it’s like throwing some trash in the bin you know how smelly some of those are.No we don’t need the baggage.Get rid of it don’t let it stay and regurgitate it over and over carting it where ever you go. Capture it while it’s in your mind not letting it go into your heart, is the best thing,  you know while pondering the idea keep it as a bad thing and get rid of it eh.

Since I have not tolerated the thought the benefits have been gorgeous I’m staying calmer as well.

I hope and prayer if you have had a problem as this you will get some benefit out of this post.


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