What is Truth…

Ever been lied to…don’t like the feeling eh, what if I told you that great swaths of humans will go to their graves never knowing the answer!

I love you… Can be and has been the greatest demonic “slime er” that has ever been.

Think about it truthfully God is love an irresistible mighty Father figure that extrudes LOVE. Do we actually love someone when we glibly mouth the words or is that a LIE!

What is actually being said ” I God you” or ” I devil you”!… If you don’t know its the devil the “prince of the power of the air” (Eph 2:2) who takes men’s minds captive unless they are aware.

Of course many daughters have had their lives ruined because of lies.

I reckon this is the first instance in the life of a family that Satan’s realm has input.( “did God really say”)(Gen 3:1)

God’s plan is peace and love and joy…(Gal 5)


Sin a sinister lie a counterfeit word of God crouches like a lion to devour people’s lives (1Peter 5:8)


Jesus said “the thief only comes to steal kill and destroy I have come to give life abundantly ” ( John 10:10)


The bitterness that comes from broken promises and loves can be over-whelming the depression and darkness is a launching pad to deeper dispair.

Believe me I do know how heart breaking love can be but now I realise the truth and I know you can trust it!

Jesus my Lord once said to his early disciples “I am the way the truth and the life”!

Jesus is Love give Him a go and then don’t let go of Him, He is ” The Lion of the Tribe of Judah” the devil will back off – your trusting Him!Amen



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