Coming or Going

What a catch phrase “you don’t know whether your coming or going”!

You know so many negative things have been spoken over fragile young lives,you would wonder how in the wide world did they make it!

Did you make it!…

As we astrotravel though time and space to a place it seems like earth, war rumbling screaming crunching crying peace everywhere.The taking and abusing and hurting,soldiers growing through sorrow to kill with a passion with neglect of human flesh stripped and strewn apon the ground.Thuds of impact of heavy metal and skin and bone,blood and guts and sweat and mud and dirt mire of modern man!

“Have they taken Jerusalem yet…!

Is that a “pipe” blown from the crater it landed in the sea I don’t know how big the tsunami is – Wormwood it stinks like your device just caught fire lithium spent uranium everything is dying the sea is turning red like blood and yet many ships sending SOS.

Are you Kingship Royalty… He has a plan for you!

Pyro Clasmic moon watching and still performing through the day sunshine smitten it’s being hiten asteroids getting away.

President,Prime Minister,King to come I don’t know but something’s changed – press YES and come get your RDFI chip and we will pay!

Third of men dying locusts flying look more like Apache and Cobra’s straking.Heard two men killed in Jerusalem been telling them there three year and the rest now the armies coming 200 million and everyone’s watching them rise thought it was Christmas everyone vieing for something more

COME UP HERE they hear and them and us too!

The MYSTERY is over woe to the world!

Only just can I see the final judgements like something out of Speilbergs films to late I’m there just where I want to be a mansion in the sky with all friend visiting.


Revelations 8- 11.



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