God in His love for His people has provided healing – our customs and culture may hinder God’s way.

Sure He uses the great medical profession of our day – remember our world is a creation of God – He gives to His people first and then to the world.

Our Covenant includes healing for instance Isaiah says in the 53 chapter of his writings as a prophetic statement starting in verse 4 going on to the words –  “BY HIS WOUNDS YOU WERE HEALED”!

Two points are important here Isaiah is a authoritive voice in the Holy Bible under the Old Testament they had a place called the pool of Bethesda and people could get healed if they got in first when the angel of God stirred the water.

Well imagine what a place like hat was about,you know how busy the Doctors surgery is at times and the pool was free too.

The healing was available because of God’s covenant to His people. Isiaiah prophecied into the future to a time when “The wounded one would come”!

People of God the second point here is we see in the Gospels Jesus the anointed One and His anointing going to the pool of Bethesda and a man being healed there that couldn’t get in the water quick enough,BUT that was still under the Old Covenant Jesus at the time had not suffered His “Passion” the wounding hadn’t happened at the time of the healing –  Isaiah prophesied for us!

Another important point is that a matter is established by two witnesses something new and something old the great Apostle Peter who jumped out of the boat and who The Anointed One said of ” on this Rock I will build my church” he also uttered prophetic words to us – his first letter chapter 2:24 says by “His wounds you were healed”

This same Jesus that said wait to His first disciples and has said it ever since gives the gift of healing to His Church for the benefit of His people! Have you got a healer in your Church…

The gift is given to select individuals of the Body of Christ just the same as the other gifts are given they are not all workers of miracles or have the gift of healing 1Corinthians 12:27-31.

The Body of Christ is without schism as it would be lopsided and not walking with Jesus correctly,we couldn’t walk with Jesus into His doctors office for instance we could get some great prophecy or teaching but NO healing.

It is vital that we walk in LOVE as the Body!

The healing is available for you now!

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