Faith comes!

A lot of us say we have faith – I want to let you explore the avenues of FAITH most importantly the God kind of faith.

Faith comes by hearing – every one knows that, for instance an advertisement goes out and it produces faith in someone to buy a product.

The God kind of faith is creative it is initiative a free starter.

It must come by the Word of God!

People all over the world go to a book to build their faith in their belief system producing practise of the said belief.I want to encourage you to go to the original manuscripts,as disciples of Jesus –  who made the Holy Bible a number one best seller in the world – I know that the worlds great religions came from this book.

As you know all stories start out in the most pure form,that is why blueprints are used in manufacture to keep to the original plan.The Bible has in keeping with the Alpha and Omega the WORD of God stayed pure –  it is the men of God’s responsibility to keep it such in our writings and preaching.

Why is it when nations that have been left alone for many years when hearing the Gospel respond by the thousands…it is because God wants it that way all creation must have a chance to hear and respond to His GOODNEWS!

I look around and see the results of people’s faith,…that’s where the rubber hits the road!The national outcome of what the people believe –  we are so happy to have had hundreds of years development under Judaeo – Christian ethic structure but that is changing and politicians all over the world are struggling with it.Those of us that come from countries developed through this ethic need to HANG ON to what we have personally don’t have to get “tainted” by other ideas but understand that it is changing and God chasers have to hang on to what they have as the world goes by.

The desperately poor of the world live in countries, I believe without blaming anyone in particular,they are in countries that the major religious power has drifted through the centuries away from the most purest form of their God chasing beliefs.

I see remnants of earlier belief structures only barely visible in today’s tenner of the religion.

The lack of prosperity for the masses is the verdict of fall!

God hasn’t finished with His people yet!

Will they hear… How will they hear not without a preacher of righteousness!

What WAY will work what WAY has worked… Nothing is new under the Sun.

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